30 01 2007

Someday someone’s gonna love me
The way I wanted you to need me…

Right now I know you can tell
I’m down and I’m not doing well
But one day these tears they will all run dry
I won’t have to cry, sweet goodbye

It’s so happy when you’re in love but so sad when it’s time for you to part ways…. 😦

Mga Tugon


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30 01 2007

Ang sad naman…when a door closes, windows open….

letting go is hard but whatever it is, the sun will shine

31 01 2007

“only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love”
– George Eliot

1 02 2007

senti sentihan na to! asus! ahehehehe
wala lang, salamat sa pagdaan sa iyong blog. nabasa ng aking ate ang comment mo at teynksss daw! ahihihi… cge

oki lang yan sana di ka sad.

1 02 2007

naalala ko yung kantang Stay ng Southboarder at ni Heart Evangelista…

bakit ganoon ano?
kung talagang mahal mo bakit kailangang iwan?

1 02 2007

oo nga pero may mga lessons kang natutunan dun na magbibigay sa iyo ng pagasa to move on at malas lang niya siya ang nawalan di ikaw

1 02 2007

ganyan ata talaga ang buhay, they come and go…

2 02 2007

*lol… gustong gusto ko yang song na yan… although may bitterness, ganda na din… hope you’ll find your true love… πŸ˜€

2 02 2007

do you believe in the saying that ‘set them free if they come back they are yours’?

3 02 2007

Looks like someone’s heartbroken. 😦

3 02 2007

*tapping your shoulder*

3 02 2007


4 02 2007

True… true… but I think there’s a gift in every relationship we have and letting go will open up other avenues as wel…

4 02 2007

i know the feelings, ganyan talaga ang life parang buhay, hayyy πŸ™‚

5 02 2007

uh oh… so sad misyel.. don’t worry there is someone who will always be there for you and never leave you, just wait…

5 02 2007

hi misyel! reading your post, i remember a song of a pinay, allona yata name niya. sabi ng song, “why do people fall in love and then end up crying? why do lovers walk away from themselves with their hearts breaking?” well, i hope you’re not talking of your love experience in your post hehehe.

btw, i tagged on a meme a few days ago pa hehehe.

6 02 2007

Ay naku…so true. But as the cliche goes, “Its better to have loved and lost…(you know the rest!)

6 02 2007

gnun! ahhhay… mas sweet kung magbabalik siya pero… You know, baka nga may mas better para sayo kaya nawala siya.. siguro di nga sya para sayo…

8 02 2007

di ako maka relate pare ah hehehe

hayyy hirap magmahal…

madaling mag-mura hehe

8 02 2007

pre ako pala ung anonymous wheeww

9 02 2007

hello misyel! i tagged you po talaga on the very first meme that i’ve done on my blog. baka po yung second meme na yung napuntahan mo. di na kita tagged dun kasi nahihiya akong twice kitang i-tag. here’s the link to the meme I’m talking about. dito kita na-tag. hope you’ll find time to do the meme, pero pag di ka na po busy, ok? ingat lagi.

9 02 2007
ikay the dancer


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