Blog Fodder #2

6 12 2006
Blog Fodder is a new meme which I find it cool ‘coz they give topics for each week which you can participate if you want to. This week’s topic was submitted by Nikki-ann

Tell us about somebody who has changed your life, even if just a little bit.
I can say there’s a lot of people who changed me in many different ways.. but I’d like to mention my cousin Leah.. Without her knowing she made a great impact in my everyday life. She’s the one who introduced me into blogging and since then I got hooked to it and find my self excited everyday to think of a new idea for a new entry and looking forward as well to check on others blog. And also before I’m not fond of reading books but my cousin influenced me into it, she’s right it’s definitely a good stress reliever.
If you have time you can check her blog too, she’s a great writer 🙂

Mga Tugon


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6 12 2006

Ah yes, the world of blogging is exciting is it not? And you meet so many wonderful people. I’m so glad you could join us at Blog Fodder and hope to see you back often.

PS: You are not late. There is no specific day you have to post by, just sometime during the week. 🙂

6 12 2006

I hope you enjoyed this week’s topic 🙂 It’s always great to read new blogs and it’s been nice to visit yours. I think I’ll pay a visit to your cousin too. Take care and I hope you are having a good week 🙂

6 12 2006

oh gosh, i’m honoured! Nice to know I have good influence on you.

Take care Mitch!

6 12 2006

The person who has changed my life is my mother, the single, most lasting influence in my life. I have written some posts about her in my blog.

But because I’ve lived away from my family since when I was 12, there are a lot of people who have changed my life for the better. Some of them are my teachers. I have written about one of them, my Grade One teacher, who I have maintained friendship with for 23 years now. She has given me love and guidance all these years. Here’s a link to my post about her,
Baka lang you have some spare time for some reading.
Ingat lagi!

7 12 2006

in one way or another we are being influenced or influencing other people. we need each other to grow and learn!

7 12 2006

Where would we all be without our blogs?! Look forward to your response next week!

7 12 2006

Actually, blogs really helped me a lot… The way you do. I never knew that i’ll be hooked like crazy in this blogging thing! Before I thought this was lotsa waste of time.Pero ngayon! Can’t live without blogging, just like water!

9 12 2006

isaiah, u mean, blogging is a basic need? hheehe.. *lol
well, yeah right! heheeh.. it s fun!

influence.. influence.. influence.. basta good influence,… lufet!.. 🙂

9 12 2006

aheheh yeah richard! you said it right!.. I love blogs that are realistic. Unlike other blogs na di mo alam kung tao ang nagsusulat… ahihihih;-p

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