Thursday Thirteen #1

23 11 2006
Thirteen Things about Misyel

1. My real name is Michelle but my friends calls me Mitch.
2. I am 100% Filipina. I grew up in Makati but currently living in Canada.
3. I’m the eldest in the family, I have a responsible sister and a loving brother.
4. My parents and my brother are in the Philippines while my sister works in Ireland. I really miss them so badly.
5. I’m still single but very much happy 🙂
6. I look like my dad more than my mom.
7. My boyfriend is a bit older than me (very unusual to Misyel), hehe..
8. I have lots of friends especially in Pinas, miss them too – our gimik nights.
9. A computer addict.
10. I love to sing but I’m not a good singer.
11. I got hooked in blogging ever since my cousin asked me to join.
12. I’m afraid of firecrakers, that’s why I hate it when I was in Pinas.
13. A very simple and cool gurl *wink wink

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Mga Tugon


8 responses

23 11 2006

Great list… I’m also originally from the Philippines and now in Canada.

Happy TT.

24 11 2006

I love lists.
Hi from Michele’s.

24 11 2006
rampant bicycle

It sucks to be a long way from your family…mine are back in Texas and I’m in Canada now too. (Not as far away as yours are, but I sympathize!)

Hang in there, and hello from Michele’s!

24 11 2006

I’m in Toronto too!

Great list! Nice to meet you!! Mine’s up too 🙂

25 11 2006

me natutunan na naman ako tungkol sayo, mukhang related ka kay ROnald, ka blog ko rin siya, taga dublin ireland 🙂

26 11 2006
ituloy angsulong

offtopic… blog hopping!

26 11 2006

thanks for dropping by sa blog ko michelle 🙂 hope you’re fine there 🙂

27 11 2006

Thanks for commenting guys! Iskoo, you’re right I’m related to Ronald (he’s my cousin)…

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