Misyel’s sad :(

26 10 2006

I really feel down this past few days.. Stressed, bored, homesick, depressed? Hay, I don’t wanna be like this anymore pero I’m going back to my old self again (I can’t help it), my mind is so tired of thinking a lot (mga wala naman kwenta), I guess this is more of a homesick..

Sa araw na ito mga couple of times na kong umiyak because of too much sadness. First, my sister who’s working in Ireland went back home to visit my family, I should be there too, but I can’t 😦 You know what I’m doing now? I try to talk to my family on the phone as much as I can it makes me feel like I’m there too. How I wish malapit lang ang lugar ko sa kanila, para mawala tong sadness ko. So tired of thinking too kung matutuloy ako sa pag-uwi ko next year sa amin, I have too much concern regarding this, isa pa din siguro ito kung bakit ako ganito.. I am really hoping matuloy, I miss my family sooo much 😦 Tapos I felt bad pa on my BF, ewan ko ba madalas nasama loob ko sa kanya, may nagbago kasi eh pero he’s telling me wala daw, di nya siguro nakikita. I’m glad I have my friends that I can talk to whenever I’m like this kundi baka maloka ako and ofcourse si God na di nagsasawa sa akin.

I know prayer is the best answer for all of these, need one from you 🙂 Thanks!


Mga Tugon


8 responses

27 10 2006

hi mitch!ang masasabi ko lang po ay di na yata maaalis yan sa mga ofw like us (naks bagong bayani?) basta pray lang tayo at nandito rin lang naman kami for u ok? mwuahhh! =)

29 10 2006

don’t think to much of the problems in life, they’re just testpaper given by God to see how much we learned in His subject, “LIFE”. If you think you failed, just revie it through prayers..

have a nice day! 🙂

29 10 2006

When you are down and troubled, there are always Us to comfort you. And ofcourse HIM. Prayers coming your way for sure.

My advice, eat chocolates!!!

30 10 2006

i guess that’s life in abroad… just try to be happy ’cause in the end of the day kaw pa rin yung tutulong sa sarili… of course dont forget to pray… para marefresh ka every now and then… God bless! kaya mo yan!

30 10 2006

heya! juz like to agree with ate leah! totoo talaga yung sa chocolates, sabi nga “You will feel LOVED” pag kumain ka chocolates pag depress ka… =)

1 11 2006

mahirap talaga situation mo, i guess hanap ka mapaglilibangan para makalimutan mo kahit sandali ang boredome, dtress, or homesickness. pagtawag sa pinas makakatulong yun lalo na kung andito na pala sister mo,. sana matukloy bakasyon mo next year. cheer-up! happy halloween 🙂

1 11 2006

hope you will be ok soon 🙂 happy halloween misyel. cheer-up. dito naman kaming ka blog mo eh.

1 11 2006

Thanks po mga blogmates! I appreciate all your comments.. 🙂

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