30 06 2006

Last Wednesday was my first birthday in Canada… At first it was just an ordinary day for me, unlike in the Phil’s, I still remember my mom always cooked something for me and it’s always a special day for us. Maybe I just missed my family that’s why I’m so sad that time, the emotional Mitch again…but my kuya Rommel and ate Lhay surprised me, they brought me some pansit (the usual pinoy style) and ulams…I’m so glad I have relatives like them, blessed talaga ako 🙂

But last Sunday I had advanced party at my cousin’s place, my friends came and relatives too… WOW! Such a nice party, there’s Fil food again, drinks (got tipsy hehe, medyo kahiya sa mga bisita but saya eh, hehe…), the ever loved ‘magic sing’ and walang sawang kwentuhan and tawanan… Nice to have lots of friends abroad ‘coz sila yung pang-alis boredom mo. hmmm, thanks for you guys ha! Making my first b-day here a special one… love yu all! 🙂


Mga Tugon


One response

3 07 2006

Yeah, hapi bday (belated). Hope you enjoyed the party. Kasi, i enjoyed it a lot. Nice singing and great food. Sira nga dyeta ko eh.

Ganda naman pix. what’s that bottle? Napaghahalata tuloy.

OK, till your next post.

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